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How do I know the dates of the SAT/ACT classes or how do I register for a class?

Please visit the Class Registration page for a current list of available classes.

Why should I pay for tutoring?

LAHS graduates are competing with students from across the country for a very limited number of spots at top universities. On the East Coast, in Texas, and in California, parents are paying thousands of dollars for their students to receive weekly tutoring sessions to help boost SAT/ACT scores.  In order for LAHS students to continue to be competitive for the few spots available at competitive universities, they will need competitive standardized test scores.

Is SAT/ACT prep only helpful for certain students?

There are specific strategies on how to approach the test that are helpful for all students.  Based on where a students is performing, different strategies are the most helpful, but Betsy has experience working with a range of students.

Do you guarantee higher scores?

We do not guarantee that your score will improve with tutoring.  The goal of tutoring is to provide students with a toolkit of strategies that they can apply to the test.  In order to ensure the best chance of improving their score on test day, it is recommended that students practice the strategies at least 3-4 times a week for several weeks leading up to the test.  Without consistent practice, students should not expect significant increases in their scores.

What experience do you have tutoring for standardized tests?

For four and a half years, Betsy worked as a senior tutor for a test prep company in Philadelphia. Throughout this time she worked with students weekly as they prepared for standardized tests.  It was not uncommon for students to make a 100-300 point increases in their SAT scores and 5-10 point increases in their ACT scores, just by learning specific strategies on how to take the test.

I am taking an SAT/ACT prep class at the high school, won't that be sufficient at increasing my score?

Betsy spent 4.5 years working for a test prep company in Philadelphia. Rather than just having students practice the material, Betsy teaches effective strategies that have been shown to increase test scores. Learning strategies from ABC Los Alamos and then practicing the strategies in the LAHS test prep class would be optimal as Betsy recommends students practice the strategies she teaches several times a week in order to reach their maximum potential on test day.

I read about the Varsity Blues college admission scandal, are these services legal?

Yes, the services are legal. The services provided are just individual tutoring services. ABC Los Alamos will teach you strategies that can be applied to the test, so that with practice, your student can improve his or her test scores. 

Do you provide behavioral interventions?

We do not provide ongoing treatment or therapeutic interventions for specific behavioral or developmental concerns.  We also do not provide formal psychoeducational or psychosocial evaluations.  We are happy to consult with concerned parents and provide recommendations and referrals for additional services, if necessary.


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